About us

ROMLAB - Your safety is a priority


ROMLAB produces in vitro testing kits for clinical labs, both locally and globally. Our company supplies medical equipment and high quality, cost-effective reactants for blood tests, offering that level of sensitivity, specificity and repeatability your customers expect.

We work closely with universities, research institutes and other organizations in order to search and develop new technologies and new reactants for our customers. A key element of our corporate strategy is to provide high quality products that will meet the market demand and quality expectations of our customers. .

Our company is currently collaborating with many public hospitals like:

"Sf. Ioan” Emergency Clinical Hospital

“Sf. Stefan” Pneumophtisiology Hospital

“C.C. Iliescu” Institute for cardiovascular diseases

Fundeni Clinical Institute

“Dr. Benedek Geza” Cardiology Hospital in Covasna


“Marius Nasta” Pneumophtisiology Institute’

Ploiesti Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital

Filantropia Clinical Hospital

“King Carol I” Costesti City Hospital

Urziceni County Hospital

Mioveni City Hospital

“Sf. Nectarie” Multifunctional Health Center in Bucharest